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Does it seem like I’m complaining a lot lately? Well something is eating/ate the sweet potato plants, you can’t even see anything in the picture. How ya like that picture of dirt? Nice pic. Thanks. Based on the evidence I think it’s a dynamic duo of mice and deer.

We planted sweet potatoes slips on Monday, June 8. I know this because on Saturday the 6th I went to my neighbor Carl’s, of Carlea Farms, to pick them up and to see their newborn piglets. We found the mommy pig Wanda had died, within like the past 3 hours since he last checked on her. Heartbreak! So, then there’s not even time to wonder what happened or to be sad because there are 14 newborn babies to figure out how to feed, what to feed, how to get them situated and all that.  I visited them this week and they’re all healthy and super adorable.

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I just came in from digging German Butterball potatoes for tomorrow’s market! The Butterless Potato! A delicious yellow fleshed heirloom. Shane helped me, now he’s gone to bale alfalfa and since there are storms coming he’ll have to pick it all up out of the field tonight and take it to the barn (he usually does that part in the morning) so I don’t expect him to be home til midnight.

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market tomorrow, June 27. Here’s what I’ll have–

Veggies: Butterball potatoes, heirloom tomatoes including Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Azoychka Russian, Bloody Butcher, green giant and more! Cherry tomatoes mix, 3 kinds of okra, 5 kinds of cukes, lemon squash and zephyr squash, sweet potatoes, Tuscan garlic, kale, red and sweet onions, a few savoy cabbages, I can’t even remember what else.

Beef: hot dogs, beer brats, pastrami, corned beef and bologna all made from our beef with no added nitrates or nitrites. We’re almost out of dogs. Ground beef, stew meat, short ribs, oso bucco, liver, soup bones, bone-in chuck, sirloin tip roast, eye of round, sirloin steaks, NY Strips, ribeyes, filets, skirt and flank.


I begged a hay truck and flatbed trailer from Shane to cure onions. So there’s a wagon, a trailer, 2 flatbed trailers and a hay truck covered in onions. Every night I put them to bed in the empty hoop house in case of rain and every morning I pull them back out into the breezy shade.

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The red ones are amazing on the grill.


Asian cukes make adorable pickle chips.

See you tomorrow!