1. If the deer didn’t eat all 1500 certified organic Covington slips we planted so perfectly at the first of June.


2. If the deer didn’t also eat about a third of the additional 2000 certified organic Covington  slips I was super lucky to find in July, for replacements that we planted in front of our house to prevent deer from eating them.

3. If it didn’t rain 8″ at the precise time we needed to start harvesting the sweet potatoes.

4. If the skins weren’t so fragile that they just wipe off, from sitting in wet clay dirt for a month while we waited for it to dry up enough to get in the field with harvesting equipment. This means they won’t store well.

5. If the wet ground didn’t push the sweet potatoes upwards preventing us from mowing the vines off like usual so we could use the regular harvesting equipment that works great and makes a hard job less exhausting.

6. If the double plow thingy or the disc plow thing or the middle buster or ANY KIND OF PLOW THINGY we have would have worked well in the heavy wet clay so that we didn’t have to manually pull the vines. #fingerstothebone


7. If I had more one dollar bills.



I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market tomorrow with: some beautiful arugula, beet greens, purple broccoli greens, some kale, red radishes, baby turmeric with the leaves, sweet potatoes, hard red winter wheat. A customer texted me a picture of her turmeric leaf-wrapped fish on the grill! I gotta get some fish from Rodney tomorrow at the market.

Our Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grassfed Angus beef: Beef Andouille sausage,  sliced pastrami, hot dogs, and corned beef all made from our Angus beef with no added nitrates or nitrites.  Ground beef, stew meat, philly steak, cube steak, oso bucco, short ribs, brisket, soup bones, bone-in chuck, sirloin tip roast, eye of round, sirloin steaks, NY Strips, ribeyes, filets, skirt, flank, flat irons.


Putting plastic over the back door of one of the hoop houses before the frost, to protect the turmeric and ginger.

See you guys tomorrow!!