Chestnuts are starting to come in!

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow until 1pm with:

a few pounds of chestnuts, some squash and round zucchini, okra, hot peppers, carola and huckleberry gold potatoes and purple pinecone fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant + mini eggplant, wheat.

I’ll have our 100% grass fed & grass finished, Animal Welfare Approved Angus beef in these cuts: ground, stew, philly steak, cube steak, ribeyes, NY Strip, sirloin, filets, flank, skirt, flat iron,  brisket, eye of round roasts, boneless  chuck roasts, sirloin tip roasts, rump roast, short ribs, liver,  osso bucco, bags of soup bones.

We have hot dogs (skinny and quarter pounder), sliced corned beef, sliced pastrami and sliced bologna.  Made from our 100% grass fed Angus beef, no added nitrates or nitrites.

Ground beef special – Buy 5, Get 1 free.

Bulk pricing on our beef: quarters, halves and wholes – $3.50 lb hang weight plus the cost of processing.

The chestnut trees are really loaded.


I’ve finally got the one hoop house cleaned out and drip put back in. Lots of planting to do next week!


Just getting started on the other one – the hard one.


That’s why I procrastinate.

I’ve started on this end cutting the strings and lopping the plants off at the base. They’ll kind of fall down as they dry out. Then I have to pull out the T-posts with this contraption that you wedge up against the post then push the lever down and *theoretically* it pushes the post up and out. In reality, most of the time I have to jump up onto it and hang over the lever with all my body weight, and my feet are dangling in the air while I’m kicking and struggling trying to make the lever go down.

Shane came out one day and saw through the side curtain my legs dangling and kicking and he thought – OH no she’s hanged herself.  Bahaha! Thanks for the idea.

Hope to finish up the hoops and this mulch next week.


This field of heavy red clay! I’ve been cover cropping and amending for 3 years. I grew grain on it and tilled in the straw left after cutting the grain and STILL! You plant stuff, then comes a hard driving rain (had plenty of those this year) and in a day or 2 you can walk across it without leaving a print. It’s hard for seeds to germinate in that and that’s why we had no sweet corn this year.

It’s time to take serious action.


A few inches of mulch will add lots of organic matter it really needs. The compost spreader works great for that.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this awesome weather! I’ll see you tomorrow <3