My guard at his post 🙂

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow with baby turmeric and ginger, napa cabbage, arugula, Red Russian kale, rainbow chard, sweet potatoes, potatoes: German Butterball, Peppermint, Huckleberry Gold, Carola bakers;  cipollini onions; wheat berries.

Cube steak is 20% off this week!

I’ll have our grass fed, grass finished Angus beef in these cuts: NY strips, sirloins, ground beef, stew beef, cube steak, oso bucco  short ribs, brisket, soup bones, liver,  and bologna, pastrami, corned beef,  & hot dogs made from 100% grass fed beef without any nitrates/nitrites.

Specials: Cube Steak 20% off  and ground beef – Buy 5 pounds, get 1 pound free!


Yay for pelleted carrot and lettuce seed. I’ve been planting in the hoop houses every day – butter lettuce, purple and yellow and orange carrots, golden beets, spinach, my favorite curly kale and red radishes. Finally got the sweet potatoes all out of the ground and now it’s time to get the garlic in, and winter cover crops.

Cool weather always has me craving root veggies and pot roasts. These are grounding foods, and for me it’s important to maintain a balance or I can start to feel tired. Fresh green salads are energizing and pairing them or lightly sauteed greens with hearty soups, braising cuts of meat and potatoes a million ways (yum) is so perfect and vital to keeping energy balanced. Kind of like when your husband wants to go through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru but first must concede to a whole day of salads tomorrow to right all the wrongs haha.  Balance.

We had this Garlicky Kale Salad with Crispy Chickpeas tonight (except with arugula). We really liked the chickpeas on a salad!!

See you guys tomorrow 🙂