There was some serious hay baling going on this week.

I’ll be at the  Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow ’til 1.

I have green onions & baby leeks, the last of the red and gold beets, chard, lots of kale – curly, red and rainbow lacinato, mint bunches.

Our 100% grass fed & grass finished, Animal Welfare Approved Angus beef in these cuts:

Ribeyes, NY strip, skirt steak, sirloin steak, osso bucco, short ribs, stew beef, philly steak, cube steak, shoulder roast, brisket, sirloin tip roast, eye of round roast, boneless chuck roast, soup bones, andouille sausage, quarter pound hot dogs, and sliced pastrami made from our 100% grass fed Angus beef, no added nitrates or nitrites.

There’s a place in Asheboro that makes hot dogs, since we can’t get them from the Radish anymore and if I can print the ingredient list I’ll bring it tomorrow and you guys can let me know if you want them.

Ground beef special – Buy 5, Get 1 free.

Bulk pricing on our beef: quarters, halves and wholes – $3.50 lb hang weight plus the cost of processing.

Square bale insanity!!   Thirty acres of this. I didn’t take these pics, and I was able to avoid the madness since I was dealing with my own stuff.  I was bush hogging and tilling and laying plastic and setting out transplants like crazy to beat the rain while Shane and 2 more were baling and trying to get it hauled in before it got wet. They ended up having to stack up in the field what they couldn’t get in the barn and cover it with a tarp. The rest of it got rained on and I think it went to those boys’ cows.

I got drenched finishing the transplants and he came home sopping wet from the hay field, and now I’m just glad it’s over.

Time for a trim!

See you tomorrow 🙂