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Market Stuff for May 13 and Happy Mother’s Day!!


Fresh out of the ground, uncured Tuscan garlic has delicious garlic flavor without being hot. I will only have the fresh Tuscan this week!

Have you ever spread roasted garlic on some warm crusty bread? No butter needed – roasted garlic is soft and buttery, mild and sweet. Check out How to Roast Garlic.

I roast my heads in a ceramic ramekin instead of wrapping them in foil. Hello Alzheimers! I do cover the ramekin with foil though and remember to check on it for optimal roastiness 🙂

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow til noon with:

Fresh garlic, spring onion bunches, mini cucumbers; curly, rainbow and lacinato kale, fresh cut herbs, sweet potatoes, wheat and eggs – free range, organic fed, soy free  eggs from my neighbor Carl (Carlea Farms). He goes to the Matthews market where his eggs sell out,  but isn’t going this week, his daughter is graduating from State. He has about 30 dozen eggs to sell.

We have our grass fed, Animal Welfare Approved Angus beef in these cuts: ground, stew, philly steak, cube steak, ribeyes, NY Strip, filet, sirloin, skirt, flank, flat iron,  brisket, eye of round roasts, bone-in chuck roasts, boneless chuck roasts, sirloin tip roasts, short ribs, liver,  osso bucco, bags of soup bones, and all natural hot dogs and bologna made with 100% Angus beef with no added nitrates or nitrites.

The ground beef special is back – buy 5, get 1 free.

Last week I forgot to put the boneless chucks on the truck (too busy complaining about it!) and then you came asking for them so I have them this week!! Sorry 🙁


DSC_0530 (2)

As I was digging the garlic, I heard swarms of bees in the asparagus bed beside me. Hundreds, it was super loud. Who thought there would be much pollen in the asparagus ferns? Last year I barely saw the first honeybee so I thought the world was going to starve. Plus the news said so.


Potatoes are hilled up and looking good. Can’t wait to start digging! …Ok Lies. I dread digging potatoes but do love eating them!


Onions, thumbs up.


Cauliflower, thumbs up.


Sweet corn, double thumbs down. In farming, the technical term for this is A CRAP – ASS STAND OF CORN. The day after I planted it we got hard driving rain and a hard crust formed on the clay soil. I guess that’s where the blame lies. So I didn’t bother to cultivate the weeds out and I’ll just till it up and put in a tricolor snap bean mix.


See you tomorrow!!

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  1. Jill….I’m sorry but I’ll be out of town this weekend. Would you please save me a couple of the boneless chuck roast and I’ll get them next weekend? If you have a couple that are say 4-pounds each. Thanks

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