Caratacus' first real trail ride

Caratacus’ first real trail ride

Don’t ask. He came with that name.

I had a great weekend off with my family! They came and brought their trail horses so we could ride together. Caratacus fell in love with my Dad’s beautiful horse BJ, and nickered romantically to her for three whole days.

We stayed on the farm and rode for about 2 hours

We stayed on the farm and rode for about 2 hours each day.

Everyone (even Shane) has Spotted Saddle Horses except me, I like Arabians. Everyone rides western except me, I like english. I’m also the only one riding bitless. It feels sort of lonely in my world, haha 🙂 hashtagblacksheep.

My sister Kelly and our Great Pyrenees Nikolai

My sister Kelly and our Great Pyrenees Nikolai

Bye! My stepsister's horse is CRAZED.

Bye Bandit! My stepsister’s horse is CRAZED.

She kept saying he’s crazed, but I thought she was kidding until he flew into bucking JUST LIKE he was crazed, and Annie got her @$$ whooped.  Yikes, she was ok but too sore to ride the next day.

So back to work! I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow with sweet potatoes, chard, the last of the beet greens, mini lettuce, baby leeks, herb samplers and some baby beets and our grass fed, grass finished Angus beef.

We’re freshly stocked on beef cuts –

*AND* we have two very special cuts that I haven’t sold before, I’ve  kept them for us in the past but we still have some from the last time so I’m bringing the new ones to the market: WHOLE RIBEYE LOINS and WHOLE STRIP LOINS! They are boneless, and there are only 4 of each. These are great for parties, family reunions and holidays! They’re around 10 lbs each  and as you know, our ribeyes are $18/lb and strips $17/lb, but we’re cutting the price of the whole loins down to make them more affordable. If you’re not sure how to cook them I can tell you – it’s much much easier than you might think. I only have room for 1 of each in the truck tomorrow. I’ll be happy to reserve one for you!

So, for beef tomorrow in addition to the loins we have: ground beef, stew meat, cube steak, philly steak, short ribs, oso bucco, filets, briskets, liver, soup bones, bone-in chuck roasts, sirloin tip roasts, eye of round roasts, hot dogs and andouille sausage made without nitrates or nitrites.

Blood Butchers!

Bloody Butchers!

Coming week, I’m clearing out one hoop house to get ready for tomato season. These are in the greenhouse until then.

Moonlight tillage.

Moonlight tillage.

Seed potatoes are here and by some stroke of luck, the field I want them to go in was dry enough to till. First I added 500 pounds of gypsum (for calcium), and I can’t remember how much boron, sulfur and sea salt, per the soil test results.

Boron helps plants use the calcium, helps prevent disease and gives the potatoes better size. Sulfur helps roots grow, gives food a sweeter taste and keeps veggies fresher longer after harvest. Plus they all do a gazillion other things.

Organic ginger & turmeric seed from Hawaii

Organic ginger & turmeric seed from Hawaii

These are already in flats in the greenhouse for pre-sprouting. They go into the hoop house in April.

Hey I made up my own recipe for once! I had a thawed out chuck roast but I was so not in the mood for bothering with  it so I just chopped up a bunch of onions and tossed them into a big pottery bowl, cut up the roast and threw it on top with some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and grabbed an entire bag of frozen tomatoes and just laid that sucker on top. Then hit it with some whole peeled garlic cloves. Covered that baby with parchment and foil and cooked it in the oven all day. Served it over rice. WOW. Super delicious and so easy. I totally thought it would be a disaster. You have to try it.

See my tomato iceberg:

You love my food photography skills.

You love my food photography skills.