spring greens

Can you believe I didn’t even edit that photo?
Those are the real colors. Stunning. Nature just keeps blowing my mind.

Anyway that photo is just a teaser for next week. I don’t have any of that stuff this week.
But I have tons of other stuff for this week! I really hope you all come out. I’m putting tomatoes in the hoop house next week so I cut EVERYTHING that was in there to bring to market, or else it would be tilled in.

I have baby collards and collard raab, red russian kale,  kale raab, a few sneaky leeks, cilantro, thyme, sage,  chard, spinach, arugula, sweet potatoes.

kale raab

Last weekend my dad came to visit and he always wants burgers and dogs, so I made kale raab and sweet potato fries to go with them. He kind of choked down the raab so I would shut up but my sister went crazy over it. Like she was shocked that such a thing even existed. It’s so good! Have you tried it? Opportunity is knocking people. Raab time doesn’t last forever.

ground, stew, cube steak, short ribs, osso bucco, liver, soup bones, hot dogs, beer brats, bologna, pastrami
Roasts: sirloin tip, bone-in chuck, eye of round
Steaks: filet, ribeye, NY strip, sirloin, flank, skirt, flat iron.

photo 1-2

I got 792 transplants put in on Tuesday. By the time I was at around 700 the only thing keeping me going was the grapefruit margarita waiting at the end.