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This is what I’ve been doing, digging out chard plants with a shovel, piling them up, throwing them in the gator and feeding them to Moo and the lambs.

Usually Shane’s helper does this but for some reason that defies any logic I’m doing it myself. So I’m behind on transplanting onions (well mostly that’s thanks to the rain we got), potatoes and was behind in the greenhouse until my sister came and helped me knock that out this week.

As I empty out the rows I put in tomatoes.  At this rate all the tomatoes should be in by the end of next week!

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow until around 11. We are restocked on all beef cuts! And we have one quarter available as a bulk purchase too.

I’ll have our grass fed Angus beef in these cuts: ground, stew, philly steak, cube steak, ribeyes, NY Strip, filet, sirloin, flat iron, flank, skirt, huge beautiful briskets, eye of round roasts, bone-in chuck roasts, sirloin tip roasts, short ribs, osso bucco,. No soup bones, I requested them but the processor didn’t save them.

Shane wants to do the ground beef special again – buy 5 get 1 pound free.

We still have some beef left from the winter processing and that will be on sale at 20% off until it’s gone: ribeye, strip, sirloin, cube, philly, stew. That’s a fantastic deal on nice steaks (you should see those ribeyes) and even better on stew beef –at $5.20 lb!!

I’ll have lots of beautiful kale in these varieties: curly, Red Russian, lacinato, and rainbow lacinato. Collards, chard, sweet potatoes, wheat and PLANTS!!!


I’m so excited to start bringing plants. I love growing potted plants!!

This week I have these gorgeous cutting celery plants and parsley plants in 4″ pots for $4.

Cutting celery is actually an herb that is used the same as celery, except that it is super easy to grow (unlike celery), is very abundant, lasts all season and tastes amazing, like celery but with even more celery flavor. It lasts into winter and gets even better when the weather turns cold. Potato salad, juicing, soups, tuna salad…so many uses.

And parsley – remember I told you about the book I got called Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods? He says this about parsley (I drastically shortened/paraphrased it):

* whenever parsley is sold, it should come with a sign that says, ‘Fights acidosis more than anything else.’ Normally alkalizing foods only have the ability to promote alkalinity in one or two body systems…parsley can alkalize the entire body across the board.

*it is an all purpose pathogen & bacteria fighter

* it has great chelation effect that pulls out stores of herbicides and pesticides that you never knew you were hiding

*it’s a highly remineralizing food with an adaptogenic nature and will to survive that it passes on to us when we eat it. * I can vouch for that as my parsley from last fall is still growing after the whole winter without any protection.*

I’ve already set my cutting celery and spring parsley plants out as they are pretty hardy. Next week I’ll have these again plus dill, thyme and some cinnamon basil plants and I have some nice big tomato plants available if anyone is planting inside a protected area (let me know).


Just moments away from cucumbers!

See you tomorrow <3