Hiya! I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow until 11 or so.

I have a little bit of greens and sweet potatoes. It doesn’t seem like anything has grown since I picked it last week, but Shane wanted me to come sell beef so I’ll be there. It’s too cold at night I guess, we’ve had 20s and 30s.

We are doing 20% off all of these cuts tomorrow:  our 100% grass fed & grass finished, Animal Welfare Approved Angus cube steak, brisket (8 lb size and 3 lb size), shoulder roast, rump roasts, eye of round roasts, and liver.

We also have philly steak, short ribs (almost gone), osso bucco, NY Strip, ribeyes (GAH you should see these new ribeyes!!), sirloin steak, filets, flank, skirt, and flat iron steaks, boneless chuck roast, plus our beer brats, andouille sausage, hot dogs (skinny and quarter pounder), sliced corned beef, and sliced pastrami made from our 100% grass fed Angus beef, no added nitrates or nitrites.

Ground beef special – Buy 5, Get 1 free.

Bulk pricing on our beef: quarters, halves and wholes – $3.50 lb hang weight plus the cost of processing.

I only have pictures of our morning walks, because everything else is muddy since it rains several times a week, and the animals are shedding so they look mangey, and it’s too wet to get in the fields so it’s all weedy and nothing is getting planted, so here we are. Haha do you detect a TONE??

I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂