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Market Stuff for January 9!


I chose the windiest of all the days to ride my just-barely-broke-to-ride horse through the woods and fields. It was pretty much a hot mess, with all the super scary wind sounds and booger-whos blowing around! But then, that photo.

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market tomorrow, and it’s slim pickins, friends. Those cold nights. I’ll have sweet potatoes, baby leeks, beet greens, turnips, my wheat,  and 3 bunches of fresh thyme and only 2 bunches of basil. I know I told folks I’d pick the kale this week but it’s got powdery mildew thanks to the dampness in the hoop houses.

And our grass fed Angus beef in these cuts – andouille sausage and hot dogs made from our Angus beef with no added nitrates or nitrites.  Ground beef, cube steak, short ribs, huge briskets (we don’t normally have 5 and 6 pound briskets!), soup bones, bone-in chuck, sirloin tip roast, eye of round,  NY Strips, ribeyes, and a couple filets.

So I’m not sure if I’ll have anything to bring next weekend, but if it’s a sunny week and things can grow, I’ll be there.

Check it out!


Homemade pasta! I made it from my freshly ground whole wheat flour.  I thought it wasn’t bad for a first try, but Shane flipped his lid. We tossed it in olive oil, garlic, homemade sun dried tomatoes and the basil, and a little grated pecorino.

Didn’t try too hard on the noodle cutting. I really didn’t think it would turn out, seemed too easy.


This was a huge plate of pasta and I thought we would collapse onto the couch and die after eating all that, but both of us had a ton of energy and we both went back to work after supper which rarely happens lately. That’s the thing about whole grains. THESE are the kinds of whole grains that should be included in a diet if one is choosing to include whole grains in the diet. Freshly milled whole grains are truly an entirely different food group than any “whole grain” product from the grocery store, including flour off the shelf.  In my experience, they digest differently – much faster and cleaner; they don’t have the same effect on the blood sugar, they are ground and used fresh before the delicate oils oxidize. The closest thing I’ve come across at the store is the sprouted grain bread, like the Ezekial brand. I can’t even stand the smell of “whole wheat” bread off the shelf, it always smells kind of rancid. Have you ever noticed that?

Anyway. Remember the surprisingly yummy Super Greens Rice with kale pesto? Even better with beet greens pesto.


I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early!







  1. Beet greens pesto? Brilliant, I can’t even wait to try that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    (also, gorgeous horse + photo, and that unicorn mug? outstanding.)

    • Poplin Farms

      January 16, 2016 at 1:30 am

      Thank you, and thanks for the great recipes – they help me find delicious new ways to use all these crops 🙂

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