When sunflowers start putting on seed, their heads get to be too heavy to hold up.

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market tomorrow until 1 with:

okra, potatoes: Carola & Huckleberry Gold,  sweet bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, jalepenos, Tobago seasoning peppers and 3 kinds of eggplant: purple, Rosa Bianca Italian and mini fairytale, hard red winter wheat, sweet potatoes and I’m bringing some fresh stevia, although I’ve never put it in the cooler before so I don’t know how it will fare…

I’ll have our 100% grass fed & grass finished, Animal Welfare Approved Angus beef in these cuts:

NY strip, sirloin steak, skirt, osso bucco, short ribs, stew beef, philly steak, oxtail, cube steak, brisket, sirloin tip roast, eye of round roast, boneless chuck roast, liver, hot dogs and sliced pastrami made from our 100% grass fed Angus beef, no added nitrates or nitrites.

We have some nice size briskets, around 3 lbs. I’ve made this brisket recipe many times, and it’s one of my favorites for company since it’s easy and always turns out delicious.

We have the special package buy again this weekend:  a sirloin tip roast,  cube steak, philly, and 2 lbs ground beef for $45 with a savings of over $5.

Ground beef special – Buy 5, Get 1 free.

Bulk pricing on our beef: quarters, halves and wholes – $3.50 lb hang weight plus the cost of processing (.75/lb)

I found a new sweet potato recipe: Pan Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Miso Ginger Sauce. It was really good, and the sauce would be delicious with lots of other things. If you haven’t tried miso, it’s a fermented food, and there are all different kinds. I like the chickpea miso and I get it at Earthfare, and it’s made in Asheville!

I’ve been drying the marigold heads for tea and infused oil. This variety of marigold (the same ones I sold as plants in the spring) has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Hibiscus starting to put on roselles. Tea time!!

Speaking of tea time, the stevia plant is looking like major shrubbery. Stevia is an herb that is super sweet and has no calories. I’ve already dried a ton of it so I’ll bring some tomorrow, it’s fantastic for sweetening smoothies or tea, like hibiscus tea which is very tart. Just lay it out to dry, store in glass jar, and just steep it with tea. It’s a great sweetener for diabetics because it isn’t metabolized by the body.

Square baling alfalfa. And round baling alfalfa. And square baling orchard grass. And round baling orchard grass. Ugh. I don’t know how he does it. I’d go bonkers.

Curious Georges! As if they don’t see a Gator about 10 times a day 🙂

See you tomorrow!