and that’s my racehorse 🙂 No I’m being serious! She really won a race at Thistledown – the only race she ever won  because she’s SUPER EXTRA SLOW. I don’t even want to know what they had to do to her to get a win. Probably all the other entries scratched. Even after all these years she still goes into a dead gallop from a standstill just like she’s coming out of the gate – only in the pasture though, you could never get her to do that under saddle unless there was a firecracker involved or something. Yesterday she turned 21. She’s a dream to ride, smooth as glass with beautiful gaits, but she’s batsh*t crazy…sigh.

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market tomorrow, and we finally have steaks just in time for Mother’s Day! Lovely marbled ribeyes, filet mignon, NY Strips, nice lean sirloins, flanks, skirts and flat irons. Plus we still have some whole NY Strip loins and whole Ribeye loins.


filet, strip & ribeye

We’re all stocked up on other cuts too: ground beef, stew beef, philly steak, cube steak, oso bucco, short ribs, brisket, soup bones, liver, sirloin tip roasts, eye of round and bone-in chuck roasts, and hot dogs and andouille sausage made from 100% grass fed beef without any nitrates/nitrites.


You might want to come extra early to get some of those.

I’ll also have chard, 4 kinds of kale,  a little zephyr squash, golden beets, collards, basil bunches, celery bunches, mint & chocolate mint, spicy mustard greens, chives, sweet potatoes and wheat berries.

I’ve been selling chard to Chef Luca of  Passion8 Bistro  all spring, and they’re having a special brunch menu for Mother’s Day.


Remember how I said I’d probably regret the greenhouse cucumbers because they’d spread something to my extra early tomato plants? That happened.

I had ripe Bloody Butchers about a month ago, but had to pull all those plants out because they got cucumber wilt virus from the cukes and I was afraid it would spread to my tomato house. It didn’t. I guess it still could because I still have the cucumber plants in the other hoop but I feel like it won’t. Riddle me that logic.

The plants look good but the tomatoes won’t be super early this year.

See you tomorrow!