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Happy Thanksgiving!


Ahhh Thanksgiving. A day of thankfulness where you gather together and eat ALL THE FOODS. This must be what it’s like in heaven.

Doin’ it up Pilgrim Style, with only locally grown foods. Except for the Mac (of Mac n’ Cheese). I will not relinquish my mac n’ cheese, it’s the only day of the year I make it. I will have my mac n’ cheese!

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market tomorrow but I won’t be there next Saturday! Tomorrow I’ll have:

Loads of sweet potatoes – I just made these Gluten Free Sweet Potato Ginger Cookies, and they are soft and delicious! however I did not make them gluten free, I used my fresh ground flour. You can use your fresh ginger from the freezer in this.

This Sweet Potato and Spinach Frittata is also delicious, but nothing beats a Sweet Potato Pie! For Thanksgiving!!! Yes! The best sweet potato pie recipe EVER,  scroll down.

Beet greens – how about Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls with Beet Greens & Avocado (and a fried egg!!)

Turnips, radishes, green onions, baby leeks, horseradish root, chives, parsley, sage, cutting celery and a little this and that, and our Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grassfed Angus beef:                                                                                                                Beef Andouille sausage,  sliced pastrami, hot dogs, and corned beef all made from our Angus beef with no added nitrates or nitrites.  Ground beef, philly steak, cube steak, oso bucco, short ribs, brisket, soup bones, bone-in chuck, sirloin tip roast, eye of round, sirloin steaks, NY Strips, ribeyes, filets, flank.


We just got notice from our beef processor that in addition to all kinds of other new charges, they will now charge an extra $25 per animal if we want our marrow bones. If we want OUR FOUR marrow bones from our cow that we raised for nearly 2 years. Anyone interested in paying $6.25 more for a 6″ marrow bone? Didn’t think so. So I guess they’ll get to keep our marrow bones and not pay us for them.

I’m thinking of a word here…what is the word…


Look at Fran on the tire! She’s terrified of Nikoli.

The Sweet Potato Pie that ended my love affair with Pumpkin Pie

1 lb or better sweet potato
1/2 c organic butter OR organic coconut oil, softened – lately I like the coconut oil better than butter for this
3/4 c or less organic sugar
1/2 c organic milk or coconut milk
2 eggs
One shot of Southern Comfort if you are inclined. Highly recommended! So I feel like I need to subtract one shot of milk then but I’m not sure if that’s necessary.
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 t nutmeg
1/2 t cinnamon
dash of cloves if desired
9″ pie crust, optional. It’s just as good baked in a glass pie plate  or 8×8 without a crust.
Preheat oven to 350. Boil sweet potato until soft, about an hour. Or you can bake it, I usually keep baked sweet potatoes in the fridge for a myriad of recipes so I usually use one of those. Remove skin. Break sweet potato apart in bowl, add butter and beat til smooth with mixer. Add the remaining ingredients and beat til smooth and well mixed. Pour into pie crust if using, or pour into glass pie plate for a crustless pie. Bake 55-60 minutes until knife inserted into middle of pie comes out clean.
 Remember Leroy, the old market truck? Still has no brakes, I’ve almost crashed into a million things. I’m hauling off hundreds of peanut plants that got ruined by weeks of THE MIST. They were in the greenhouse to dry but they molded thanks to no sun and endless dampness! I didn’t even know Millie was up there 🙂
 See you tomorrow!


  1. Love your pictures and your comments, recipes, animals, etc. One day I hope to meet you and see your beautiful farm in person. 🙂 Not to mention buying some of your genuine food…

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