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Month: February 2016

Hello! It’s me.


I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to meet 🙂

I don’t really have much mini lettuce to sell this week. It’s just so gorgeous! Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Nature just keeps blowing my mind. I have a lot of mini heads on deck though. I get these whims, you know. OH let’s grow corn from the 1800s (fail). Let’s grow that stupid orange cauliflower named after cheese (fail).  Mini lettuce for the win!

I’ll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market tomorrow and I will not be there next weekend, family is coming to visit and it’s my sister’s birthday. I’ll be smoking 2 of those massive briskets that came back with the last beef.

Then the weekend of March 5, I’ll be back with new beef hopefully coming from the processor on March 3.


So for tomorrow I have: some greens, leeks, turnips, baby beets, my winter wheat, herb samplers – see above – and sweet potatoes.

The only beef we have this week – hot dogs and andouille sausage.  Made with our grass fed Angus beef, without any preservatives, nitrates or nitrites.


The momma cows and babies are looking amazing.  Shane took this today!


Last Saturday  I spent the whole day mulching ump-teen apple trees with ohhhhhh, just 1900 pounds of alfalfa hay. Should have just gone to the market! Sheesh. But this time next year all that hay will have magically turned into rich black dirt filled with serious masses of earthworms. Last year I used hardwood chips and all that shoveling was way harder.


Artistical onion shot.



I’ll be back eventually…


No market for me again this week. Just don’t have enough stuff to make it worthwhile. I REALLY need to come next week because it’s time to get all the stuff out of one of the hoop houses to get it ready for tomatoes! Soil tests came back today, and my ammendments order will be here next Thursday.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year Shane offered to make a nice dinner since I was at the market on Valentine’s Day.

He boiled a rooster in the crock pot. Like the whole rooster, and added some red wine so it turned purple.

Purple Boiled Rooster, mmmmmm. So we got Mexican takeout. I made the purple rooster into rooster noodle soup the next day and it was pretty delicious.

See you sometime 🙂



No market for me tomorrow.


I won’t be at the market tomorrow. I’m just enjoying these weekends off too much. It’s now or never for me, you know, to have a life before farming takes it over sometime next month. See you next weekend!



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